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Susan Dory

Susan Dory’s paintings

Artist’s statement

I’m interested in creating complexity through the repetition of a single element. I build my paintings with many layers, painting, pouring, masking, and pay particular attention to the negative space created by the painted forms.   By using the capsule shape in my compositions I explore the possibilities of these shapes docking, organizing and lodging together, interlocking as groups, floating freely in and tunneling through space.  The capsule shape itself is fascinating in the way it can be deconstructed.  By removing the two end curves, what remains are two parallel lines like an equal sign or implied infinity. The removal of the parallel lines of the capsule shape leaves only the two curved ends, like parenthesis, representing departure in a body of text or insertion of a symbolic unit. Deconstruction of the capsules within my compositions interjects ideas of movement, crossing, passage, overlapping, time/motion, and dynamism.

Color can dominate, helping to inform decisions and creative routes during the process.   The juxtaposition of colors unites the various modulated passages within my work. I take joy in the language, patterning and process of painting.

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